Valentine’s Day Special KDramas



Kdramas never stay in their own lane. Every Kdrama has a unique storyline. The writer is whipsawing every possible emotion doesn’t matter if it’s Romance or comedy. On this valentine’s day, you can watch the most romantic Kdramas with your Partner. Check out the most romantic all-time favorite kdramas on this Valentine’s day.

Business proposal

  • Business proposal: The business proposal is a romantic comedy Kdrama based on the webtoon. This Kdrama series became most popular in 2022. Ha-ri who shows up to a blind date in disguise as her friend to scare her date away but all her plans go awry when he turned out to be her CEO and starts to play the part of Ha-ri’s smitten boyfriend. It is highly recommended entertaining romantic comedy.

Crash Landing On You

  • Crash Landing On You: Crash Landing on You is the most lovable kdrama. The story of this kdrama revolves around two people from different countries. A South Korean heiress accidentally lands in North Korea while paragliding. She meets the North-Korean army officer who rescues her and protects her from North Korean Eccentricity. During their whole journey, they fall in love with each other.

Romance is Bonus book

  • Romance is Bonus book: Romance is a Bonus book is a 2019 south Korean television series. It is worth your time if you want to enjoy a fun romantic comedy with a good performance. The story of this kdrama is about a divorcee who goes to work at a publishing house. There she meets her old friend who was a manager of that publishing house. He always loved her for a long time. This kdrama is a warm well-acted look at friendship and love.

Something In The Rain

  • Something In The Rain: Something in the Rain is a worth-watching kdrama series. It is a love story between a much older woman and a much younger man. This is against the odd love story, with their age difference. The single career woman who reunites with her best friend’s younger brother. They fall in love with each other despite of the age difference.

Cheese In the Trap

  • Cheese In the Trap: this kdrama is well written and well directed which will keep you glued to the screen as it is full of love and arguments scenes. This story is about a girl who studies in college. She’s poor and hardworking who falls in love with a manipulative rich senior.

Home Town Cha-cha-cha

  • Home Town Cha-cha-cha : the story of this kdrama is a small-town romance that shows the bickering-true love between a dentist who came from the city and a multitalented man who does odd jobs for the village elders. You can witness love and jealousy till the story end.

Yumi’s Cell 2

  • Yumi’s Cell 2: this is a story of an ordinary single woman who is not good at expressing her feelings. It’s all about how her brain cells control her personality. Yumi falls for a game developer whose a developer in the gaming company. Her emotions are and her journey is told through the animated brain cells powering her body. It has a pretty good influence on Disney’s “Inside out”.

Fight For My Way

  • Fight For My Way: Fight for my way is a story of a rising fighter and aspiring announcer. They have been best friends since school and lived as next-door neighbors throughout their youth. They slowly realize their mutual attraction and love connection.

Our Beloved summer

  • Our Beloved summer: this kdrama became famous in short time because of the storyline. The story revolves around a couple who were dating in a young age and filmed a viral documentary in the high school. After ten years they are exes who haven’t seen each other they pulled back in front of the camera and fall for each other again. It is well-directed love- hate relationship story which will make you keep you glued to the screen.


  • Nevertheless: Nevertheless is romance lovestory about two classmates. Park jae eon who is so into the flirting but thinks dating and getting into relationship is bothersome. Where on the other side Yu Na Bi who wants to date but doesn’t believe in love. This story is based on the popular webtoon.


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