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THE GREAT SEDUCER / TEMPTED (South Korean TV Drama series)

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great seducer poster


THE GREAT SEDUCER / TEMPTED is 2018 South Korean TV Drama series casting Woo Do-hwan, Joy, Moon Ga-Young and Kim Min-Jae. This Drama series is most popular since it released.
THE GREAT SEDUCER is also called as TEMPTED aired every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) from 12th March 2018 to 1stMay 2018. It first aired on MBC TV network.  This is Thriller, Romantic and some kind of Melodrama. This drama is based on the French Novel titled as “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” by writer Pierre Choderols de Laclos.
This series of Drama depicts the story of rich young men and their female friend in their twenties who discover their true feelings while playing the dangerous Seducing Game to those around them to take revenge. Seduction is on type of game in which what we get, when the Love and Revenge get tangled, and there is no way where anyone is getting out with their heart intact.
More about Drama:

Drama name :
Also Known As :
Drama Genre :
Based on :
French Novel “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”
by Pierre Choderols de Laclos .
Written by :
Kim Bo-Yeon
Drama Director :
Kang In
Drama Casting :
Woo Do-hwan
Moon Ga-Young
Kim Min-Jae
No of episodes :
32 episodes
About Production of Drama
Exclusive Producer :
Jung Hae-ryong
Running Time :
35 minutes
Production Company :
Bon Factory WorldWide
Distributor of Drama :
MBC Network
Original Release :
12th March 2018 to 1st May 2018
The story of this drama is revolve around three rich heirs Choi Soo-Ji, Lee Se-Joo, and Kwon Shi-Hyun. They were known for seducing and creating trouble around to those who hurt them. Shi-Hyun, the eldest Son of JK Group,s family, Soo-Ji who is the Student President and also the most beautify celebrity. Se-Joo, the alive guilty pleasure and a Playboy. Kwon Shi-Hyun bets his life to seduce Eun Tae-Hee for revenge-Seeking Choi Soo-ji. Eun Tae-Hee who is the lead character of this drama believes that being in love is Pathetic. After she meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, her views on Love starts to change but Kwon Shi-Hyun starts to reciprocate those feelings to seduce her for his friend Soo-Ji and that’s get even messier than before.
EPISODE 1 and 2:
Kwon Shi-Hyun broke up with his girlfriend because he saw her with someone else in a Hotel, laughing happily. Lee Se-Joo asked him why did broke up with her, and he answered “She Laughed. I couldn’t stand it. I had to get rid of her, no matter who she is.”
In the Joosung High school’s 18th graduation ceremony they took revenge of their Homeroom teacher. The trio of friends had set up the secret cameras to catch the videos of the affairs of the Homeroom teacher with the guy since she got engaged with the Art teacher. Soo-Ji took revenge on the Art teacher for the way he treated her after being in the relationship with her.
Soo-ji gets dump by her current boyfriend Ki-Young. He told her that he is getting married soon so that he don’t want to get involved in such relationships with other woman than his fiancé. Ki-young told her that when her father got arrested, her family wanted new lawyer from his family’s firm but that the refused and if his family had agreed to do that, so her father would gotten off from jail. Her mother wanted Ki-young as her daughter’s boyfriend to only protect her Hospital not her husband.
Soo-ji decided to take revenge on Ki-young for dumping her. In other hand Shi-hyun got paternity test results from his father proving that Shi-hyun is not his biological son. His father told him to move out and live quietly and he will provide all his expenses, that his only condition that he must be show up to every event where they have to pretend to be a family. Shi-hyun was totally in shock knowing the test result.
Shi-hyun left home and go to the bus stop. He then remembered that his mother always fold paper plane whenever she felt scared or worried about something and she flew up in the sky. She told him to do that too so that whenever his worries fed away, his wishes might be come true. He did the same thing what his mother told him to do, but that paper plane reached to Tae-hee who was setting near him. She gave him that back but he told her to keep it and not to open that paper plane.
Tae-hee arrives at the event in which she got awarded by the full scholarship from the hospital foundation. Soo-ji saw Ki-Young talking to Tae-hee and get jealous over them. Soo-ji told Se-joo and Shi-hyun that she has a second target, and tells them about Tae-hee. Soo-ji makes Shi-hyun to seduce her when he said he is not interested in her.
In the party Soo-ji’s mother and Shi-hyun’s father announce their engagement news awkwardly.
EPISODE 3 and 4:
Everyone was so surprise hearing the engagement news of Shi-hyun and Soo-ji’s parents.
Beside that Tae-hee has her own issues with her family. She visits her mom’s exhibition on her new studio opening in the same hotel where the event was going on. She told her mom that she no longer needs her money and their mother-daughter relationship can be severe. She also added that her mom left her and her father years ago that’s why her father is living in Germany alone.
As Tae-hee exits the hotel, Shi-hyun also does the same. He stole the car which was standing in front of the hotel and driving in the circles in front of the hotel. Suddenly Tae-hee ends up in his path. Shi-hyun provides his number to Tae-hee and promises her a compensation.
Se-joo, Shi-hyun and Soo-ji gathered at their meeting place to talk about the situation their parents have put them in. Soo-ji ask Shi-hyun if he is willing to help her to get revenge on Tae-Hee then she would be grateful. He agrees to seduce Tae-hee as per Soo-ji’s wish.
Shi-hyun got his mom’s car back since she died before 2 years in car accident.
                                       “GOBLIN REVIEW”
EPISODE 5 and 6:
Soo-Ji gathers all the information about Tae-Hee from her best friend Kyung-joo promising her to set up a date with Se-Joo. Shi-Hyun tries to embracing Tae-Hee from behind the looks in the Library. He tries really hard to get close with her every day by buying coffee, visiting library where she works on. Tae-Hee notices his activities and asked him about it. She told him that she knows everything about his relationship and she has no interest in him who is such a troublemaker and can do anything to seduce girl. She added that she doesn’t want to see him again who toys with someone’s heart.
Soo-Ji make up a date between Se-Joo and Kwang-Joo as she promised. Soo-Ji started to visit Hye-Jeong to befriend her. She got very jealous when Ki-young sent Hye-Jeong cute cupcakes with a poetry.
On the next day Shi-Hyun follows Tae-Hee to Nursing home where all the Grandmas consider him as her Boyfriend. Shi-Hyun worked there like shifting things, helping Grandmas to make Kimchi, cleaning up and he finds that is so tiresome to make Tae-Hee fall in love with him. He helped one Grandma to paint pretty flowers on handmade dish and she feels very happy.
On the way back to home all Grandmas thanked them to come to visit and gave them two boxes of kimchi. After reach at the home Tae-Hee tells Shi-Hyun that she can’t date him because her best friend likes him. He asked her does she like him or not . . .  but she couldn’t answered him.
On the other side Soo-Ji set up a date for Se-Joo with Kwang-Joo in a Club but he didn’t noticed her at all. Kwang-Joo gets hurt and left the club. Soo-Ji get really bored at alone when Se-Joo was so busy in flirting with girls. Soo-Ji wanted to leave the club but one creepy guy hold her hand and drag her when she wanted to let go. Se-joo suddenly appears and hit that guy really hard when everyone knows that Se-joo hate violence.
Kwang-Joo head up to the Tae-Hee’s place to tell her that she got hurt and wanted to eat noodles. Kwang-Joo told her that she was with Se-joo knowing that Tae-Hee mistaken considering that she has crush on Shi-Hyun. They both talk about Shi-Hyun and decide to ask Soo-ji, is Shi-Hyun really interested in her or not. Soo-ji replied that he doesn’t seem that much interested in Tae-Hee and that makes Tae-Hee angry and hurt. Shi-hyun visited Nursing home again to see Tae-hee. He wanted to know what she feels about her.
Soo-ji was with her mother in the hotel for the family dinner and she get bored waiting for her step father to join in so she went out. When she was stepping down she saw her step father going to the pottery exhibition room when the exhibition was almost ended. She follows him and found him with woman who was the owner of that pottery. She shocked when she found that her step father seeing that woman from so long and they love each other.
EPISODE 7 and 8:
Shi-Hyun visits Nursing home to meet Tae-Hee. He wanted to know Tae-Hee’s feelings towards him. He told her that he will wait for her answer. They started their cute fighting over the handmade plate and some grandmas suddenly showed up to tease them. They told them to go home since it was too late at night.
Three friends meet at their hiding place. Kwang-Joo texts Soo-Ji to ask does Shi-Hyun really interested in Tae-Hee. Soo-ji texts back and said that he doesn’t look like he is particularly interested. And that broke Tae-Hee’s heart. Soo-Ji accidentally broke the handmade plate which was in Shi-Hyun’s Bag and he got really angry on her.
Shi-Hyun tries really hard to fix that broken handmade plate but it doesn’t work out. On the other day he went to the Nursing home. When he told Tae-Hee that the plate has broken accidentally she got really angry. Shi-Hyun gives that Grandma piggyback ride instead of the plate.
Tae-hee got angry and told Shi-Hyun to not to fool around and not to play with someone’s emotions. Lately Tae-hee saw Shi-Hyun’s childhood photo with his mother in nursing home.
Soo-ji canceled Tae-Hee’s move-in to Myoungjeong Dormitory which was provided by Soo-Ji’s mother as scholarship to Tae-Hee.
Shi-Hyun helped Tae-hee to move out to new place but there was no room for her in Myoungjeong Dormitory since it was canceled. Shi-Hyun brings her to his place. He gave her a room next to his since he was the landlord. In between cops arrest Shi-Hyun because of his father report about his car. When he asked there about his mother’s car accident records, cops said the car is completely clean without a record of accidents. Tae-hee helped Shi-Hyun to get out from there. And since that incident they started officially dating. 
EPISODE 9 and 10:
Soo-ji asked Kwang-Joo to come with her to a Fashion Show at the evening, because she has one extra ticket. Soo-ji called Shi-Hyun to pick them up from the school. When he came up, he ignores Tae-hee, and left with Kwang-Joo and Soo-ji.

Tae-Hee found out that no one but Shi-Hyun is the landlord of the building where she is living. Shi-Hyun felt guilty about whatever happened recently. Tae-Hee was mad at him.
Soo-ji planned trip for Shi-Hyun and Tae-hee to get together. Kwang-Joo convinced Tae-Hee to come on a trip with them. Kwang-Joo’s mom got sick so she had to canceled to go on the trip, letting Tae-Hee to go with Shi-Hyun. Promising her to come over and join in the evening. Shi-Hyun apologies to Tae-hee about not telling her who the real building owner is.

Shi-Hyun and Tae-Hee reached the destination at first. They prepared food together, enjoyed their own company until everyone arrives.
Soo-ji told Tae-Hee that they used to prank the kids that they disliked in school. She added that they seduced their teacher. Tae-hee got really upset because of whatever soo-ji said.
EPISODE 11 and 12:
Soo-ji met Tae-Hee at swimming pool and told that she and Shi-hyun like each other but can’t be together because of their parents, and are trying hard to look like real siblings.
In the morning Tae-Hee left without saying anything to anyone. Shi-Hyun followed her. They came back to home. In the other morning Shi-hyun visits Tae-Hee at her work place. Suddenly Ki-Young shows up there and asked her if she likes to work at his law firm. And she accept that, she will go to give an interview.
Shi-hyun visits nursing home alone, but all grandmas asked about Tae-Hee. They told him how to match up with her again. They all bring out money and gave him to buy food for Tae-Hee.
Tae-hee showed up to give interview but Ki-Hyung tells her that he just wanted to date her. She offended because of that, and she left.
Tae-Hee came back home with Shi-Hyun. At Shi-Hyun’s place Tae-Hee saw some drawings of his mom and Soo-ji made by Shi-hyun. She got call from her father so she go back to her room. Her father was living in Germany he supports his wife’s pottery exhibition since they left each other,and that gives Tae-Hee pathetic feelings.

Tae-Hee told Shi-hyun that she wanted to stop, and she broke up with him.
EPISODE 13 and 14:
Shi-hyun get drunk a lot in a Bar. Soo-Ji and Se-Joo reached at the bar to pick him up. Shi-hyun asked Soo-ji, what did she told Tae-Hee that she broke up with him. Soo-Ji Told everything whatever happen in between them.
Shi-hyun faints in the bar and got admit in a hospital. When Se-joo came to meet Shi-Hyun, he said everything is over between Tae-Hee and him. Tae-Hee found the paper plane and she opened it, she was so shocked and feel so worried about Sh-Hyun. She visits Shi-Hyun at the hospital to return his phone which he had left at the Bar last night. Shi-hyun wanted to Tae-Hee stay by his side, he told her so and gives her chain which was once his mother’s. They promised that they will let know whenever they disliked each other.
Tae-hee paid bills because Shi-Hyun’s cards were declined by his father. They came home. The other day Tae-Hee took Shi-Hyun to a shop where they needed an artist. He drew a pretty drawing on the wall. 

Soo-ji saw Tae-Hee with her mom, wondering about that she saw her somewhere. Soo-ji told Shi-hyun that his father is seeing someone else rather than her mother, but she won’t tell him who is she.
EPISODE 15 and 16:
Shi-Hyun cooked ramen for tae-hee at her place. They watched stars at upstairs together. 
Soo-Ji saw that woman again with Shi-Hyun’s father were drinking at street bar, and she found it out about her identity this time.
Shi-Hyun came to Tae-Hee’s room to see what she is doing. She was busy with her work, and made her room so messy and dirty. Shi-hyun cleaned up her room, washed dishes. On the next morning Shi-Hyun took her to Jogging that made her so tired.
EPISODE 17 and 18:
Tae-hee arranges small work trip with Shi-Hyun to the place which was in her working project. They enjoyed their trip visiting different places. They drink a lot and because of that they missed their last train, had to spend night there.
Shi-Hyun find out that Tae-Hee once were got into an accident. That was Hit-and-Run case. He thinks that was so related to his mom’s accident case too.
When they came back, Shi-Hyun visit Tae-Hee’s place where he found his paper plane which was unfolded. Tae-Hee apologies for reading it without getting permission from Shi-Hyun. He got upset because of that. He doesn’t want to know anyone about that truth.
Shi-Hyun meet Soo-ji and Se-joo at their hiding place to talk about their “Master Plan”. Soo-ji asked Shi-hyun to brake Tae-Hee’s heart in return she will tell him who was that Woman his dad is seeing.
Everyone meet at the bar, where Shi-Hyun invited Tae-Hee too. Shi-Hyun drunk too much before everyone arrives. When everyone’s there he started talking about how did he seduced her, and approached to her on purpose. He dump her. Tae-hee left from there.
EPISODE 19 and 20:
Shi-hyun got drunk too much after Tae-Hee gone. Soo-Ji brought Shi-Hyun to their Hiding place.
On the Next day Soo-ji told Shi-Hyun and se-joo about that woman whose name is Seol Young Won, who is also a potter. She also gave him the studio address and Email to make a contact with her. Shi-Hyun decided to take revenge on that woman.
Tae-Hee’s Mom comes to see her at her work place last time before she go back to her studio in Icheon.
Shi-Hyun’s absence bothers Tae-Hee so much, she got angry on him time to time. Tae-Hee visits Nursing home, All Gramdmas were so happy to see her. When they asked her about Shi-Hyun she started to cry. They comfort her and told her to go back safely.
Soo-Ji called Shi-Hyun’s father to tell something. She told him that She wanted to marry Shi-Hyun to stop their parent’s marriage. This leaves Shi-Hyun father in shock. He met Soo-Ji’s mother and told her everything.
Tae-Hee joins her classmates at Se-joo’s Restaurant where she get drunk and started to call everyone Shi-Hyun. Se-Joo called Shi-Hyun. Shi-Hyun picked her up and took her to home since she was too drunk. 

EPISODE 21 and 22: 

Soo-ji sees Shi-Hyun’s car parked in front of Se-Joo’s Restaurant. Se-Joo told Soo-Ji not to make Shi-hyun to visit that woman, because that won’t be good for both of them.
Shi-hyun mailed that woman Potter that he wanted to meet her. She accepted his request, and called him to meet at her studio. When Tae-Hee woke up, she was in hangover since she drunk too much last night. She ran over Shi-hyun to stop him. He told her that his mom was the one who had hit her. She accepts everything that he told her. She just wanted him to come back to her. She accepts his apology and forgives him. Shi-hyun told her that he wanted to make that woman suffer who is in the relationship with his Dad.
Shi-hyun meets that woman potter and told her everything. She shocked, hearing that Shi-Hyun is Kwon Seok-Woo’s Son and his mother died because of her. Shi-Hyun meets his father and tells him that he had meeting with that woman potter, and told her everything. Shi-hyun’s father tried to contact with her, but nothing worked out.
Soo-Ji and Se-Joo decorate their Secret Hiding place to celebrate Shi-Hyun’s Birthday. When shi-Hyun came, he asked Soo-ji what she told his father. Soo-Ji said that he already broke up with Tae-Hee, so she wanted to marry him. Shi-hyun refused it and admit that he Loves only Tae-Hee and can’t marry Soo-Ji.


Tae-Hee made a photobook for shi-Hyun. She also made dinner and Birthday cake for him. They both celebrate Shi-Hyun’s birthday together at her place.

EPISODE 23 and 24: 

Soo-ji found out that Shi-Hyun and Tae-Hee are living together.

Shi-Hyun’s Grandma Called Shi-Hyun, Soo-ji and her mother to meet. Shi-hyun’s Grandma was so happy to see Shi-Hyun after long time. Shi-Hyun’s Grandma doesn’t like mother and daughter that much. She told Soo-ji’s mother to teach Soo-ji some manners.
Shi-Hyun’s father visits that potter woman at her studio. She told him that she is regretting everything so much and she don’t want to see him again in the future. He gets hurt by this and felt sick, made him smashed his car on the tree. That Woman called Shi-hyun to pick up his dad from the Hospital. Soo-ji meet Tae-hee at her work place and told her that the woman is Tae-Hee’s mother. That depressing truth leaves Tae-Hee in the big shock.
Shi-Hyun looked for Tae-hee everywhere after coming back. He called her several times but she didn’t picked up any. Shi-hyun also found out that Tae-Hee is Daughter of that Potter woman. He got depress when he get know that Soo-ji told that to Tae-Hee. 
Shi-Hyun’s father got check-up results proves having brain tumor and need to get surgery soon.
On next day, Shi-Hyun meets Tae-Hee at outside of the school. Tae-Hee said their relationship got really complicated and it’s really hard to see each other having hard time. Shi-hyun tried hard not to Tae-Hee turn away from him. And she BROKE UP with him again.

EPISODE 25 and 26:

 Tae-Hee left the room and started living with Kwang-Joo. Ki-Young meets Tae-Hee, and tells her that he wanted to sue Shi-Hyun for beating him.

Shi-hyun’s father get admitted to the Hospital for the Brain surgery. Shi-Hyun saw Tae-Hee at the Hospital, she told him that she will move out soon.
When Tae-Hee was walking in the Hospital, one person fell off unconsciously. When Dr.MiRi came to check him up, Tae-Hee got some flash backs from the past where she had the Accident. She finally got that, she got hit from the Dr.MiRi who was also mother of Soo-Ji. She remembers everything about that accident and the person who hit her was Soo-ji’s mother not Shi-Hyun’s.
Tae-Hee had chat with Dr.MiRi about that accident. She asked her, why she didn’t return back when she told her to stay. She said she wanted to save Shi-Hyun’s mother.
Tae-hee called Shi-Hyun to meet her. Tae-Hee tells Shi-Hyun everything about that accident.

EPISODE 27 and 28:

Shi-Hyun’s Grandma called him to meet. She gave him the results of paternity test, proving that Shi-Hyun is Kwon Seok-Woo’s son since their DANs matched. Shi-Hyun’s father hurt her feelings, and she wanted to take revenge on him making fake results of Paternity test.

Ki-Young caught Hye Jeoung with Soo-ji sitting in the Café. He found out that Joo An is Hye Jeoung’s Boyfriend. Hye Jeoung scold Ki-Young to step in to her life.
Shi-Hyun decides to go abroad with his Grandma. Tae-Hee came home, since Shi-Hyun told her to come back and not to leave again.
Ki-Young tells Hye Jeoung’s mother that she is having Boyfriend. Hye Jeoung’s mother scold her a lot and grounded her because of her boyfriend.
Shi-Hyun asked Tae-Hee to spend one day with him, so he can give her little bit of happiness. He takes her to Aquarium, he gave her flowers and hairband, took photos with her.
Hye Jeoung run away with her boyfriend at night. They didn’t have place to stay. 
Se-joo make a call to Tae-Hee, told her that he wanted to meet her. He took her to their Secret Hiding Place, and showed her how did Shi-Hyun fooled her and seduced her with a purpose.

EPISODE 29 and 30: 

Tae-Hee left from there. Tae-Hee tells Shi-Hyun that she knows about their Master-Plan which was made to seduce her. She said that she is getting punishment because of trusting, forgiving him every time. Shi-hyun tried hard to convince her but there was no use of that. Tae-Hee took taxi and head up to her mother’s Studio.

Hye Jeoung’s boyfriend tells her to go back to her home, but she refused it. Hye Jeoung called Soo-ji to help her and her Boyfriend. Se-joo took them to Their Secret Hiding Place.
Shi-Hyun broke friendship with Soo-Ji, tells her not to see each other again.
Tae-Hee’s mother called her father to pick her up. Tae-Hee told her father that she wants to go to Germany with him, he accepts that.  
Ki-Young promised Hye Jeoung’s mother that he will find her. Ki-Young find outs the Secret place where Hye Jeoung was hiding. Ki-Young and his friend beat up Joo-An who is Hye Jeoung’s boyfriend. Ki-Young finds some photos and video tapes about Tae-Hee. Ki-Young called Se-joo and Shi-Hyun over there, and they beat them so hard, till the death. Hye Jeoung called Tae-Hee to come fast, and tells her that Ki-Young is going to kill Se-joo and Shi-Hyun.

EPISODE 31 and 32: 

Tae-Hee comes to their Secret hiding place where she saw that Se-joo and Shi-Hyun got beaten up really hard. She tried to stop Ki-Young but he didn’t. She made a report to police. Ki-young got mad because of that and started to hit Shi-hyun with Hockey Stick. Tae-Hee tried to save Shi-Hyun, but it ended up hitting Shi-Hyun’s head. She took him to the hospital.

Ki-young visited Soo-Ji at her home, showed Shi-Hyun’s getting beaten up video to her. He told her to stop making fuss around other people’s life, or she will be ended like them.
Soo-ji reached at Hospital, found Shi-Hyun in the coma.
Tae-hee decides to go with her father to Germany. She stayed up with Shi-Hyun in the hospital. On the next day when he woke up, Tae-Hee left from there and leaved a message to Kyung Joo for Shi-Hyun. Tae-Hee left with her father to Germany.   
After Some Years … Shi-Hyun and Tae-Hee meets again. That was coincidence. And they start a new beginning of their life…
This drama has good beginning but viewers will defiantly get bored after watching 4-5 episodes. This drama had above 7.5 rating but that got dropped suddenly in 3-4 weeks. That was so hard to watch full episodes again and again to just write good review. 

“You can avoid watching this drama since it has no powerful storyline. “

The characters of this drama are played so well. This drama shows about the seducing game but there are lots of complications than Seduction. The point is if Shi-Hyun was the best player in that game then how did he fell for Tae-Hee. He just needed to ignore her like he did before with his Ex-Girlfriend.

“Watch this drama if you really wanted to waste your valuable time.”



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