Miss Ma, Nemesis

Miss Ma, Nemesis
Miss Ma, Nemesis korean drama


Miss Ma, Nemesis

Drama name : Miss Ma, Nemesis
Drama Genre : ·         Fantasy

·         Thriller

·         Mystery

Drama Director :  Min Yeon Hong
Drama Casting : ·         Kim Yoon Jin as Miss Ma / Ma Ji Won

·         Jung Woong In as Han Tae Kyoo

·         Go Sung Hee as Seo Eun Ji

·         Choi Kwang Je as Go Mal Goo

No of episodes :  40 (To Be Confirmed)


The drama series is based on novel series “Miss Marple” by English novelist Agatha Christie. In which grandmother Jane Marple resolves the case with wisdom and insight. This drama is Broadcast by SBS and It will aired between 2018-Oct-06 to 2018-Dec-08.  “Ms. Ma, Nemesis” first airs October, 2018 in South Korea

PLOT :  Miss Ma, Nemesis drama is about, A woman is falsely accuse of killing her daughter. She escapes from prison. To reveal the truth about her daughter’s death, she solves cases around her.


Other CAST:

Sung Ji Roo as Jo Chang Gil

Myung Kye Nam as Jang Il Koo

Hwang Suk Jung as CEO Oh

Yoon Song Ah as Yang Sun Saeng

Yoo Ji Soo as Hong Sun Saeng

Moon Hee Kyung as Madame Park

Choi Seung Hoon as Choi Woo Joon

CNU as Bae Do Hwan

Song Young Kyu as Jang Chul Min

Kim Young Ah (김영아) as Yang Mi Hee

Lee Ha Yool as Chun Hyung Sa

Yoon Hae Young as Lee Mi Soon

Lee Ye Won as Lee Ye Won

Kim Ha Yun

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