YouTuber Grayson Dolan Mocks Overworked K-Pop Idols

grayson dolan
grayson dolan

YouTuber Grayson Dolan Mocks Overworked K-Pop Idols

American Based Youtuber Grayson Dolan having a channel named as Dolan Twins (5.4 M subscribers), he collaborates with Emma Chamberlain and made a video with his friends (Emma Chamberlain, Dolan twins, and James Charles) that YouTube video that upset some K-Pop fans.

 In that video, Grayson Dolan pretended to faint and when he got up, he said, “We’re like K-Pop.”


And other YouTuber in that video are laughing on that scenes

Many of the K-pop Fans are offended by the Youtuber’s joke claiming that it was a mockery of K-Pop idols.

Recent Tweet by grayson Dolan


Emma Chamberlain video


  1. Yeah okay, I highly doubt he meant that so-called “apology”, he probably cracked some more jokes about it with those other three. But if it were the other way around, kpop fans disrespecting the dolan twins, hell would break loose. Sorry chief, but that apology ain’t it :’)

  2. It was a joke you morons. And since so many Koop fans were offended over a joke he has to apologize 🙄 learn to take a joke. He didn’t mean to offend anyone because of one little joke he made. He doesn’t think people fainting or anything like that funny.


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