BTZ is a copy of BTS from Japan | btz japanese group | Jpop

btz japanese group
btz japanese group

BTZ is a copy of BTS from Japan

New Japanese Boy band name BTZ is Debuting Soon, But Some facts of this boy band are listed below.

btz japanese group
btz japanese group

A 7 member group called Ballistiz Boyz  will be produced by Hiro  from EXILE.

In this group, they have 4 singers and 3 rappers basically 7 members in total & they will be debuting soon

It looks like some kpop star BTS.

That company who hosting this group is known to copying the kpop, also they previously debuted a girl group which is copied from Girl’s Generation’s. after that they removed the girls and make boy band name generation.

Now days BTS become globally famous so they Copied  BTS and make Own copied band name BTZ ,they copy every famous thing in kpop including designs some of the designs are given below

btz japanese group
cr to

Copied name




Seokjin = FIN

Yoongi = Glucose

Hoseok = GAspiration

Namjoon = Syllable Beast

Jimin = DMin

Taehyung = Terryoung

Jungkook = John Crook


  1. This band is fraud. I’m sorry just why? J-Pop in my opinion copies the high earning bands from K-Pop. It is stupid and unoriginal. This is just my opinion. I know some of you like J-Pop but in all honesty, Glucose? Your kidding me. It’s clearly copied from BTS, Sugar is Glucose, Glucose is Sugar. They are the same thing! It’s obvious! Fin?! You have to be kidding me. Syllable Beast? Seriously? Are they tryna get kids to learn the alphabet? Syllable? Seriously, way to go get someone teased for a dumb name. Terryoung, John Crook? Seriously. You have to be kidding me. GAspiration?! DMin?! These names are clearly copied and not original, they could probably be copyrighted if wanted.

  2. Goodness. Japan’s always just had an unspoken rivalry with Korea since the beginning of time, and this is obvious proof. First they invade Korea to take and rename so many parts of their culture and mistreat the people. Just because Korea fought free of Japan and started showing them up, they’ve tried to copy their success in the most stupid way. Face it. ‘BTZ’ will never, ever be like BTS. Not even close. Good try, but not good enough.

  3. THESE PEOPLE. Like seriously. It’s enough to make the exact same number of rappers and vocalists as BTS and then name themselves BTZ, but they had to change their names to this stupid shit they call their stage names that are literal copies of BTS’ just crappier? John Crook? Are you kidding me? Kookie is my life and this dude will never come close to 1/1,000,000 of Jungkook’s amazingness. They better not be going after Blackpink next.


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