Best Korean dramas on Netflix

netflix korean drama

Best Korean dramas on Netflix

korean drama on netflix

Netflix is an online streaming website, where we can stream any variety show and movies.

On Netflix there is more than 50+ Korean Drama available, we listed some of the drama that you can read by clicking here.

Now days Korean Drama is becoming globally hit, so we listed Best Korean Drama.

10) Stranger – the crime thriller drama of 2017. Full of twists and the        plot and acting is great.

9) God’s quiz – First seasons were better. It is a medical-mystery drama.

8) Miseang – This drama was a huge success. This Drama is based on Real people with real problems.

7) Let’s eat – There are several seasons of this drama. It is still on my to be

6) I need romance – all three seasons: Although the cast is different in each season the mood and the pleasure is the same.

5) Bad Guys – Very very good crime thriller. Many watched it for Park Hae-Jin. I watched it for Ma Dong Seok

4) Last – I just started watching this one and I enjoy every second of it. It is a revenge plot in a very unexpected playground.

3) Boys over Flowers – this Drama is one of the best drama in Korea

2) Good Doctor – Genius, autistic, doctor who has incredible abilities and needs to prove it.

1) Descendants of the Sun – Military, action, medical and romance


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