about time
about time

The story of this drama mainly revolved around the woman Choi Michaela who has the unusual ability to see other people’s Life Spans and knows that her own time is limited. She wanted to achieve her all dreams in that small part of her remaining life. When Choi Michaela meets Lee Do Ha who is the main man lead in this drama, she realized that his appearance stops her time-clock. She tried hard to stay closed to Lee Do Ha, when she found out that he is the only person who can extend her life span so she can achieve her dream to becoming a Musical theater Actress.

“Here are some BEAUTIFUL QUOTES from this Drama:”

 Episode 1:-

It’s an illusion. The feeling of that woman’s song making my heart pound and the feeling that time will stop forever. If I don’t run away and face it, It is a burn that I can prove.         

Lee Do Ha (About Time)

Episode 5 And Episode 6:

“You came down. I woke up and looked outside… To see a world of white. While it snowed like this, I had no idea.”

Lee Do Ha (About Time)

“Just like that … Snow covered the entire world.”          -Choi Michaela (About Time)

“You are like snow to me. Before I knew it, You came down.” –Lee Do Ha (About Time)

Episode 7 And Episode 8 :

“You Don’t Realize The Beauty Of It Then.”

“When I Was 20, I Was Afraid Of Becoming 30.”

“I Thought I Was Going To Die When I Became 30”

“I Became 30,” “And Unsurprisingly, I Was Alive.”

“When I Became 40,” “I Realized It Was Really Beautiful Than.” “When I Was 30, I Was Afraid Of Becoming 40.”

“I Thought The World Would End…” “When I Become 40,” “I Became 40,” “And Sadly, I Was The Same.” “When I Became 50,”

“I Realized It Was Really Beautiful Than.” “I’d Look Back To 50 And Think The Same When I’m 60.”

“I’d Look Back To When I Was 60 And Think The Same When I’m 70.” “In Front Of Death, Every Past Moment Is The Climax Of Your Life.” “All Ages Are Like Flower.” “You Just…”

“Don’t Know How Beautiful Each Age Was At That Time.”

-Do San (About Time)


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