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ABOUT TIME (South Korean TV Drama series) Review


A Moment I Want To Stop: ABOUT TIME is a South Korean television drama series starring Lee Sang-Yoon and Lee Sung-Kyung. It is fantasy, romance melodrama which airs on tvN network starting from 21st May 2018, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 KST.

It is fantasy, romance melodrama in which the Actress Lee Sung-Kyung is performing lead role of Choi Michaela. She has a special ability to see a person’s Life Spans in years on their body part. She can also see her own Life Span where she only had few months remaining in her life. She wanted to do whatever makes her happy. Fortunately she meets a man (Lee Sang-Yoon) who has an ability to stop her time-clock. She worked hard to stay closed to him, they ended up falling in love with each other.

More about Drama:

Drama name :

A moment I want to Stop: ABOUT TIME

Drama Genre :




Drama Director : Kim Hyung-Sik
Drama Casting : Lee Sang-Yoon

Lee Sung-Kyung

No of episodes : 16 episodes
Written By : Chu Hye-mi

About Production of Drama

Exclusive Producer : Bae Sun-hae

Lee min-Jin

Running Time : 60 minutes
Production Company : Story TV
Distributor of Drama : tvN
Original Release :  21st of May 2018 – 10th July 2018


The story of this drama mainly revolved around the woman Choi Michaela who has the unusual ability to see other people’s Life Spans and knows that her own time is limited. She wanted to achieve her all dreams in that small part of her remaining life. When Choi Michaela meets Lee Do Ha who is the main man lead in this drama, she realized that his appearance stops her time-clock. She tried hard to stay closed to Lee Do Ha, when she found out that he is the only person who can extend her life span so she can achieve her dream to becoming a Musical theater Actress.


Episode 1  And  Episode 2:

Choi Michaela visits a grandma who is like friend to her in hospital. Feels bad when she sees that Grandma’s Boyfriend has left few months in his lifespan.

Lee Do Ha visits his personal Doctor for his Panophobia treatment. Doctor told him to drive himself, so he can start to overcome his weakness. He tried to drive but ended up hitting Michaela. He took her to the emergency room fearing that she will cause trouble with Hit-and-Run case. That took too much time making her late to her Auditions. She drove Lee Do Ha’s car with full speed which made him scared.

She accidentally took his car keys with her so he needed to fallow her to Audition Hall. The 2nd party judge tells her that her technique and voice were unexpected and she needs to try hard. She doesn’t wanted to lose her chance so she told him that she will do anything right there. He gave her one situation about a girl and her crush. He asked her how she will seduce her crush to make him fall in love with her. She suddenly saw Lee Do Ha and ran towards him, kissed him. That judge told her that she failed to persuade him. She felt so sad hearing that she has failed in the audition. She apologies Lee Do Ha and left from there.

Lee Do Ha prepared everything to propose his girlfriend but she played hard to get. As she used him only for her business. Lee Do Ha went to China for business trip. Michaela also goes there for her job as Scuba Diving guide. Where she meets Lee Do Ha when she was totally drunk.

Lee Do Ha went for the Scuba Diving where Michaela helps their team. After they all came out of the water, the manager of Lee Do Ha notices that he is not with the team. Michaela jumps in to the water to saves Lee Do Ha. When she holds his hand, realized that his appearance stops her time-clock that makes her more surprising.

When Michaela came back, her friend gave her advice to stay close as much as possible to Lee Do Ha to stop her Time-Clock. Michaela tries hard to get to close with him but nothing gets work out.

Lee Do Ha meets Jo Jae Yoo who is the genius music director. He gives Jo Jae Yoo a formal proposal to create Jo Jae Yoo’s first full commercial production for MK Group Company. Jo Jae Yoo accepts the proposal and asked to give him all rights on cast and staff selection. Jo Jae Yoo holds the Audition at MK Group Company’s Theater.

Michaela tries hard for the Auditions. She wanted a good job to pursue her dreams. Michaela performed a good song at stage of Audition. Lee Do Ha likes her performance

            It’s an illusion.
               The feeling of that woman’s song making my heart pound
            and the feeling that time will stop forever.
                 If I don’t run away and face it,
            It is a burn that I can prove.
                                   -Lee Do Ha (About Time) 

Jo Jae Yoo needed good driver so his manager schedules an interview for the applicants. Michaela applied for that job. She gave interview but Lee Do Ha makes her get out from there. Finally with lot of efforts Michaela succeed to convince Lee Do Ha to give her his private Driving job.


Episode 3  And  Episode 4:

Michaela was so happy on her first day of work as Lee Do Ha’s personal driver. Since he is with her she is in safe zone. While working, she realized that Lee Do Ha doesn’t have Time-Clock. She wanted to find that out, what Lee Do Ha’s Life-Span is. She follows him at swimming pool but she didn’t find it anywhere on his body.

Michaela found out that one accidental touch of Lee Do Ha’s increased her Life-span by some seconds.

Lee Do Ha meets his personal Doctor and tells him that he fell for Michaela but he will only look at her until his feelings, regardless of their nature, became meaningless.

When Lee Do Ha’s fiancé saw Michaela, she found it some kind of fishy since she had meet Michaela in China as Scuba Diving guide. She offers and forced Michaela to join with them in the dinner. Lee Do Ha wants Michaela to go home since he realized that his fiancé has started to play game with Michaela. He got angry on her and told her to keep some self-respect. And in that anger he confess that he likes her and started to think about her. He said he doesn’t care what she thinks, he will use her until he gets tired of her and get rid of her. Hearing that from Lee Do Ha let her in a big shock.

On the next day Michaela went to the office. Lee Do Ha feels so nervous about last night mistake. He couldn’t concentrate on his work because of the nervousness.

Lee Do Ha’s older brother came back to spend some time at home since he is good writer. Lee Do Ha and Michaela went to pick him up at airport.

Lee Do Ha’s fiancé Ms.Bae visits Lee Do Ha’s office. She wanted to ask her a favor. Ms.Bae brought some kind of food, clothes, wallets and handbags that Michaela would like. She tells that she will give her everything what Michaela wants in return she wants her not to stir Do Ha up. She wants Michaela to leave that job and find one another.

Lee Do Ha meets his Personal Doctor. Suddenly One patient comes in and attacks for not giving him sleeping pills since he was suffering from anxiety. In between Lee Do Ha gets stab to protect  Michaela. That makes her guilty.

Michaela told Lee Do Ha that she can see person’s Life-Span and to increase her own she approached to him with purpose. But Lee Do Ha said that he doesn’t care whatever the reason is. He just wanted to stay by her side because he likes her.


Episode 5 And Episode 6:

Finally Michaela and Lee Do Ha start to date each other. Michaela told Lee Do Ha that she has only 87 days left in her Life-span and she doesn’t know until when her Time-clock will stop because of his existence.

              “You came down.
                   I woke up and looked outside…
               To see a world of white.
                   While it snowed like this,
               I had no idea.”
                        -Lee Do Ha (About Time)
“Just like that …
Snow covered the entire world.”
                      -Choi Michaela (About Time)


                   “You are like snow to me.
                          Before I knew it,
                   You came down.” 
                              -Lee Do Ha (About Time)


When Lee Do Ha’s fiancé Ms.Bae visits at his hospital room, he told her not to get married each other because he is in love with someone else. Since they were only getting married for their company so he will take care of it later. But Ms.Bae refuse to do so and she will wait until his love get dies for Michaela. Lee Do Ha’s fiancé Ms.Bae hires someone to take report everything about Lee Do Ha at his back.

Lee Do Ha asks Michaela about his time-clock. She said she couldn’t see it. He asked her to live at his house so her time could be save. They start to live together which makes them both uncomfortable with each other.

Jo Jae Yoo meets Michaela and told her that she is selected for the final audition for the lead vocalist for his new show. He also told her that He will give her a chance to prove herself.

Ms.Bae visits Lee Do Ha’s brother asks help to ruin his relationship with Michaela.

Ms.Bae plays next step of her game by sending bag of money with a card of MK Group to Michaela’s mother. Michaela’s mother visits Lee Do Ha at his office and told him to get rid of her daughter and she won’t let anyone look down on her. Lee Do Ha visits his brother asking him why he did that with Michaela’s family. He told him that he needs to do that for their business so he accepts Ms.Bae’s offer to ruin their relationship. Hearing these things Lee Do Ha got angry on him and gives him warning not to mess with his life.

Ms.Bae meets Michaela and told her that she knows everything about her relationship with Lee Do Ha. She wanted her to get out of his house for forever or else she will hurt her heart and even Lee Do Ha couldn’t protect her.

Michaela tells Lee Do Ha what happen in between her and Ms.Bae but she doesn’t want to run away whenever she sees his face, she just wants to fight for her love. Lee Do Ha tells her that no matter what he will protect her.


Episode 7 And Episode 8 :

Michaela beats all contestant and gets selected for the role of understudy lead role.

On next day, when they reached at office Ms.Bae gave Lee Do Ha a shocking surprise by calling his ex-girlfriend Kim Joo Na. When they all meet each other Michaela realized that her Time-clock is starting to move fast. Ms.Bae also told they that she have casted her for the lead role. Lee Do Ha went to the flashback where he was dating his ex-girlfriend Kim Joo Na. She tried to kill herself in her past because every cast director rejected her to cast her in commercials.

Ms.Bae meets Michaela and told her, that she brought Kim Joo Na not only for the cast their commercials but also to use her against Michaela to save her arranged marriage. Because she was Lee Do Ha’s first love and he can’t forget her.

On next day when Michaela got ready to leave to Office, she saw Lee Do Ha’s older brother Do San’s time-clock where he had only some days left in his life-span. She asked him, is he feeling sick and need to see doctor. When he went to see doctor, he got surprised because of the test results which showed that he has left few days in his hand. His doctor said that he is suffering from the Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis disease. And it’s spreading so fast, he need to hospitalize.

Do San was Lee Do Ha’s step brother but he was the only person in his family who Lee Do Ha trusts and wanted to take care of.

Michaela told Lee Do Ha that she saw his older brother Do San’s Time-Clock where he doesn’t have more time left.

Lee Do Ha calls his secretory and told him to search for his brother Do San and his diagnosis reports.

Do San went to meet Lee Do Ha’s Real brother and told him not to hate, push away or try to crush  Lee Do Ha like they did with him because he was the only step brother.

Michaela told Lee Do Ha that his brother doesn’t want to let him know about his illness that’s why they need to go home, eat dinner and talk to him like usual. They went home and cooked food for Do San.

At family dinner Lee Do Ha caused huge trouble.

     “You Don’t Realize The Beauty Of It Then.”
             “When I Was 20, I Was Afraid Of Becoming 30.”
     “I Thought I Was Going To Die When I Became 30”
            “I Became 30,”
     “And Unsurprisingly, I Was Alive.”
           “When I Became 40,”
     “I Realized It Was Really Beautiful Then.”
           “When I Was 30, I Was Afraid Of Becoming 40.”
     “I Thought The World Would End…”
           “When I Become 40,”
     “I Became 40,”
           “And Sadly, I Was The Same.”
     “When I Became 50,”
           “I Realized It Was Really Beautiful Then.”

   “I’d Look Back To 50 And Think The Same When I’m 60.”
      “I’d Look Back To When I Was 60 And Think The Same When I’m 70.”
   “In Front Of Death, Every Past Moment Is The Climax Of Your Life.”

      “All Ages Are Like Flower.”
           “You Just…”
      “Don’t Know How Beautiful Each Age Was At That Time.”
                                         -Do San (About Time)

Do san died after some days. On his funeral they post his photo with bright smile on his face. His father regrets that he couldn’t tell him that he loves him. And they all hated him because he was child from another mother.

 Episode 9 And Episode 10: 

On the next day when Lee Do Haa and Michaela get ready to go to office, Michaela realized that Lee Do Ha also has his Time-Clock. She was surprised knowing that she was the one who is gaining Lee Do Haa’s time. Her appearance reduces Lee DO haa’s times span.

After heading to the office Michaela went to her Musical practice. She decides not to meet Lee Do ha. So she send message to him that she is going her home because her mother wants to see her, but she stayed at her friend’s place.

Joo na meets Lee Do Haa asked him to give her some time to prepare herself to tell the truth, why did she broke with him.

Ms.Bae called Michaela and Joo Na to meet. Ms.Bae told them that she is going to marry Lee Do Ha, so she doesn’t want them to interfere with Lee Do Ha’s future. Michaela said that she loves Lee Do ha and he loves her too.

Michaela came back to Lee Do Ha’s house she made breakfast for him, took a long walk with him and watched a movie at night.  When Lee Do Ha woke up in the morning, he searched for Michaela but she had left with her all belongings. He went to her Musical rehearsal hall and asked her about it. Michaela told him that she wants to stop and she doesn’t have feelings for him and she also wants to resign.

Joo na meets Lee Do Haa and tells the reason behind their breakup. She left him because his family offered her money in exchange for her leaving. She did it for her future so whenever she came back with the success she could stand up on her own feet.

Michaela’s friend asked her the reason about the breakup with Lee Do Ha. Michaela told her that his time moves to her, she is gaining his time and she can’t do anything about it that’s why she wanted to stay away to protect him.

Joo na called a meeting of crew and all the Musical staff to tell that she wanted to leave because her improper voice condition. And if she won’t receive any treatment it could cause serious damage. And finally she succeed to convince them to find the other actress for the lead role. Joo Na meets Michaela and gave her all the scripts,she also told her to stay with Lee Do Ha.

Lee Do Ha’s secretory told him that he has a solution to match up with Michaela. He tells him to be stalker and follow around Michaela. He did so, but Michaela told Lee Do Ha that she doesn’t want to see him. Lee Do Ha begged her to stay but she didn’t listen to him and left. Lee Do ha got a panic attack because it, and collapsed. On next day when they meet again, Lee Do Ha told her not to leave. Michaela told him that if she stay beside him every day, he’ll kill her on someday because of him her life-span is decreasing so she want to leave. She lied to Lee Do Ha to save his life. 

Episode 11 And Episode 12 : 

Michaela’s friend apologies to Lee Do Ha’s secretory because she was the one who gave him idea to make Lee Do Ha stalk Michaela. So she bought coffee and snacks for him. He told her that he will only forgive her if she buys meal for him next time.

Lee Do ha and Jo Jae Yoo discussed about the lead role which was vacant because of Joo Na left in-between.

Lee Do Ha saw Michaela going to the musical room hall, but he hold himself together not to interrupt her.

Michaela went to the hospital to attend the funeral of her Grandma’s boyfriend. She gave Michaela a book to read which she used to read it while she was lonely.

Ms.Bae told Lee Do Ha that she has accepted his marriage proposal. Lee Do Ha told her that since he ended up things with Michaela there has nothing left for Ms.Bae and he doesn’t want to marry her or see her in person. She got shock because of his rejection and she decides to teach him a good lesson until he gets agree to marry her.

Ms.Bae told him that her Seongrak Group will withdraw deal which was made with Lee Do ha’s MK group and her MJBC company will ruin his Company’s name.

Lee Do Ha got drunk too much in the bar, so his secretory ended up to call Michaela to handle him. When she head up Lee Do Ha keeps distance with her and left from the bar. She drops him home.

Michaela’s mother wanted to earn some money as her own so she started to work in a hotel’s kitchen.

Michaela got a message from a hospital that her Grandma has passed away. She got a really big shock. She knew about her life span, that’s showed two years left but still she died. She left to attend the funeral while she met Lee Do Ha on the way.

 Episode 13 And Episode 14:  

When they both enter in her grandma’s house they saw her welcoming people who were come to her funeral. Grandma told them that she wanted to meet her all loved ones before she dies that’s why she arranged fake funeral so everyone came. They both spent time with her. Michaela stays with her at her home when everyone left. Grandma told her that she knew why did she broke up with Lee Do Ha. She also told her that she also can see person’s lifespan. She had the same story what Michaela has. She left her love to save herself because he was gaining her time. She got scared and afraid to stay with him so she left him. Michaela told her that her time stops when Lee Do Ha comes near to her. Lee Do ha went to Michaela’s room where he found out some notes which Michaela left in. he reads all of them.

Ms.Bae meets Lee Do Ha’s Father and asked him to convince Lee Do Ha to marry her, also she called them to attend a family dinner with her parents to discuss about marriage.

Lee Do Ha asked Michaela’s friend, why they can’t be together. She told him that being with each other won’t harm Michaela. Michaela is doing that to protect him. He later asked Michaela to tell him about his time-clock, but still she told him that he is gaining her time.

Lee Do Ha told Michaela that he knew everything. She was the one who is gaining his time not him, but still he wanted her to stay beside him. He told her not to worry about his time clock, and don’t leave him. Michaela told him that she can’t live on is time, may be because of her he could die.

In the rehearsal hall, director Jo Jae Yoo announces that their new stage actress is Michaela and they will start the practice very soon. Michaela told Lee Do Ha that she wanted to perform on the stage badly so she want him to stay away from her because seeing him makes her realized that she will be die soon. Lee Do Ha keeps distance until her clock went to the normal time. He told her that he will stay away from her till the show ends, but after that he want her to do whatever he say.

At the family dinner Lee Do told everyone that he is not going to marry Ms.Bae and he told her so before too. Ms.Bae told Lee Do Ha’s father to make him marry to her or else she will use her own ways. Lee Do Ha’s father called Michaela to meet at his office. He told her that she can ask anything from him, he will help her in return leave Lee Do Ha and get vanished. She told him that she don’t need anything from him and Lee Do Ha also.

When Lee Do Ha heard this news, he rushed to see his father. He told him that there is nothing to do with Michaela, so don’t hurt her. His father told him to marry so he will spare Michaela.

Ms.Bae meets Michaela at café and told her to run away from Lee Do Ha and don’t show up again. Also she wanted her to give up on the Musical Show and immigrate to another country or else she will stop her from doing the Musical. She already canceled the theater so that won’t take her any long to ruin the Musical. Suddenly Lee Do Ha appears and takes Ms.Bae with him to his office. He told her there’s nothing she can do to make him marry to her. He will always love Michaela and he will die without her. She left the office.

When Michaela crossed path with Ms.Bae again, she found her time-clock on her body which indicates few minutes left in. Michaela told Lee Do Ha’s manager to tell him to come at the roof top and she follows her. Michaela saw Ms.Bae climbed at the roof to jump down. Lee Do Ha also comes to save her, told her to step down.

 Episode 15 And Episode 16:  

Lee do ha drags Ms.Bae down from the height and comforts her. He drops her at her home safely and told her not to do such things.

Michaela and her team work hard for their upcoming Musical.

On the next day Ms.Bae visits Lee Do Ha at his office and gave him back his presents which he gave her every time when he proposed. She said that she will try to forget everything and will start a new life.

Michaela and her team performed really well on stage on first day of musical. Everyone was present in the theater to watch the musical.

After the musical overs Lee Do Haa takes Michaela to home as they promised and spend some time with each other. On next day they went to the market to buy groceries and Michaela took chance and run away from him. Michaela asks Grandma to let her stay at her home which was at countryside. Michaela’s friend told her mom and brother about her lifespan.

When Michaela was coming back from the market after buying some groceries she realized that her timer is increasing suddenly. She called Lee Do Haa to see where he is. When she sees him she started to run away from him to save his life but somehow they both got hit by a van.

Michaela wakes up in the hospital room where she realize that her time clock is disappeared and she can’t see other people’s lifespan too. Lee Do Haa visits her and told her not to leave. She came back to home and live happy life with her family and her lovely boyfriend Lee Do Haa.



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