100 days my prince
100 days my prince

100 DAYS MY PRINCE 🙁 South Korean TV Drama series)


100 DAYS MY PRINCE is also known as Hundred Days Husband or Dear Husband of 100 days. This is historical- romantic comedy drama series starring Do Kyung-soo, Nam Ji-Hyun and Jo Sung-Ha. This Drama series is most popular since it released. The series aired every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 (KST) on Distributor tvN channel from September 10th of 2018.

The story of this drama revolve around a young Prince Lee Yool who accidentally loses his memory and lives 100 days under a new name and personality. He ended up marring his childhood love without knowing anything about her.

More about Drama:

Drama name : 100 DAYS MY PRINCE
Drama Genre : historical- romantic comedy drama
Drama Director : Lee Jong-jae
Drama Casting : Do Kyung-soo

Nam Ji-Hyun

Jo Sung-Ha

No of episodes : 15 episodes + 1 spacial
Written By : No Ji-sul
About Production of Drama
Running Time : 80 minutes
Production Company : A Story
Distributor of Drama : tvN
Original Release : September 26th of 2018 to present.



The story of this drama revolves around a young prince Lee Yool who spends 100 days being a woman’s husband.

Lee Yool becomes the crown prince against his own will. His father usurped the throne and also force him to get marry to his Vice-Ministers Daughter. While investigating about an attempt to murdering him from his own servants, he finds himself targeting and giving harm during an attack orchestrated by the Vice-Minister. He saved himself from the attack but loses his memory. Hong Shim’s father saved him and bring to the village and uses the opportunity to save Hong Shim from punishment for not getting married as she was the only one left to get married in that village.

He announces that Lee Yool is actually Won Deuk, a fictional fiancé that Hong shim created in order to avoid the marriage against her will. Lee Yool’s presence in the village saves Hong Shim’s life.



Lee Yool and his friend always play with villager’s poor kids and beats him in his childhood without anyone knowing because he was the prince. Lee Yool meets Yoon Yi Suh who was the daughter of the former commandant of palace guards. She was beautiful, brave and had a good personality which made Lee Yool fall in love with her at first sight. He told her that he likes her and want to marry her one day after they grow up.

Assassins killed everyone from Yi Suh’s family as per the king’s special commandant’s order. Her father successes to save Yi Suh and her older brother. Lee Yool was suspect of their murders. The commandant also killed Queen and make himself king’s vice premier.

Yi suh and her brother escaped from the village. Her brother hides her a villager’s house and made her live like the one. She lives with her fake father as Hong Shim.

When prince Lee Yool grew up, he marries to Commandant’s daughter as per king wish but he never see her as his wife. Prince gives the order that everyone should get marry until the last day of the month to save his empire from the natural disasters. Everyone gets married but Hong Shim rejects everyone’s proposal and told the minister that she has fiancé in another town and he is also an Army man to whom she promised to get married.

Prince Yool found out that someone is giving him a slow poison from his meal causes him sickness. He runs away from the palace and sees Hong Shim. He follows her but couldn’t catch her.

Prince finds out that his wife is pregnant when they never spend a night together. The king gives command that the crown prince will go for the rain ritual. As per king’s order prince Yool participates in the rain ritual. On the way of ritual the prince gets attacked. His personal bodyguard protects him by changing their clothes. But somehow the bodyguard get killed by assassins where prince got hit by the rock and went to long way in the mountain. Fortunately Hong Shim’s father found Prince and saved his life. He didn’t recognize him since he had wear swordsman’s clothes. When Yool wakes up, he didn’t remember anything about him. Since he got hit on his head he loses his memory.



Hong Shim was receiving the punishment from the village minister for not to get marry. Hong Shim’s father brings Yool to the minister and tells everyone that he is Hong shim’s fiancé Won Deuk who came back from military services but lost his memory during the service. As per everyone’s opinion they celebrate the village’s last wedding openly. Homg Shim and Won Deuk get married but Hong shim’s father keeps the Won Deuk’s secret from her.

The palace guard started to search for the prince everywhere but they couldn’t find any clues about the prince.

Won Deuk goes to the market and buys high quality clothes and home decorators. For that he took loan from a man who gives lone to people and bully them for that. Hong Shim got angry for Won Deuk’s dumbness. Hong Shim’s father told her that they will work hard and will pay the all lone. Hong Shim finds a way to earn money to pay the lone. She opens a Solution Agency and tells everyone that if they have any problem she will solve it but they should pay for that. Some people come for asking help but Won Deuk ruined every work they gave. On the next day Won Deuk goes with Gu Dol to carry a jar of water to Mount Chunwoo where prince attacked by assassins . When they reached at the mountain Won Deuk it recalls some things about that attack which lead to make him fall on the ground.



Won Deuk lost consciousness for few days. Hong shim tried hard to take care of him. Won Deuk told Hong Shim that they need to find in which work he is good at. She asked him to do some work but he couldn’t do that.

King’s palace guard found a dead body wearing prince’s clothes. The king’s vice premier declares that he it is prince’s body. They bring that dead body to the palace.

Won Deuk and Hong Shim realized that he can read and write, also had a good knowledge about poetry and laws. Hong shim brings some novels and books. She makes Won Deuk translate and write it down so they can earn money per copy. Hong Shim meets her brother at the market and invites him over her house. He told her that he had some work to done, if he did it he will come over and leave the village with her. He was the one who chase to kill the Crown prince.

Hong Shim wanted Won Deuk to read the paper documents free for the poor people, so he did. Everyone started to praising and acknowledging his skills.



Hong Shim was dragged off to the mountain by some men. Won Deuk rescues her with his fighting capability.

Hong Shim’s father tells her that he found Won Deuk at the mountain and he brought him to village to save her from the punishment. She told her father that she will tell the truth to Won Deuk but she couldn’t.

Hong Shim’s brother found out that Won Deuk is the crown prince. But he couldn’t kill him because he was Hong Shim’s husband and had memory loss. Hong Shim’s night bores throw party for Won Deuk.

Hong Shim’s brother came to meet her. He told her to leave with him but she asked some more days to sort out things. She also indirectly tells Won Deuk about truth of his existence in her family.



Won Deuk asked Hong Shim’s father to show him the place where did he found him. Hong Shim’s father tells him everything about that day that someone had tried to kill him intentionally. Won Deuk tells Hong Shim that she had started their marriage but only he will end it, until then they need to pretend like couple.

On another day Gu Dol took Won Deuk to the palace regarding the offerings to the king. When he visits palace some places seems familiar to him. On way back home he again got attacked by the same person who tried to kill him in the past, he was Hong Shim’s brother too. He told Won Deuk that not to show up, it’s better that he has memory loss. If he return to palace then countless people will be killed.

Won Deuk returns back to home and decides to remain a village man for his life and support Hong Shim’s family. Won Deuk remembers something suddenly. He could see king and queen.

The rammers were spreading fast at the palace that the Crown prince was alive and living in the nearest village. The vice premier couldn’t stand it so he decides to visit the village in the search of Crown prince but some sword men attacked him on the way.


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